Monday, January 25, 2010

Transgender Friendly Cities In Britain and Ireland

    I can say with certainty Manchester, England, Dublin, Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland are very Transgender friendly cities. 
   I frequented The Hollywood Showbar in Manchester's Gay Village on a regular basis. The owner at the time was a Trans woman who closed the bar to the public on Wednesday nights so Transgender folks could meet there and feel safe.
   The following article lumps Transgender and Bisexual people into the term Gay. I wish people wouldn't do this. Couldn't they say LGBT throughout their article? Naff!

By Emily-Ann Elliott »
Gay Americans are being targeted in a new drive to bring more tourists to Brighton and Hove.
The city will be advertised as "arguably the gayest, friendliest, most fun place in the UK right now" to gay and lesbian travellers in the United States.
Tourism bosses say they want to ensure the city retains its status as the prime lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) destination in the UK and VisitBrighton has begun work with national agency VisitBritain on the campaign.
The campaign will be predominantly online and a new website will be created at
The site will feature different aspects of LGBT life in the city including food and drink, nightlife, culture, shopping and events. Local businesses will also be promoted.
In addition there will be press and PR campaigns which will include blogging, tweeting and direct e-newsletters to more than 20,000 people on Visit Britain's consumer database of US gay and lesbian travellers.
Journalists who write for LGBT media will also be invited on press trips to the city.
The move comes after research in the United States showed gay and lesbian travellers were planning more trips abroad in the next three years, with the UK likely to be their top destination.


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